We have vast experience in helping startup companies navigate what can be an uncertain and complex time at the start of a business venture. We provide advice during the important stages of the startup life including incorporation formalities and necessary regulatory requirements, registration and protection of intellectual property in assets, attracting and securing investment or raising debt finance, assisting with commercial disputes and accurately documenting trading relationships.

Due to budget constraints it can be difficult for a business to establish itself and entrench a place in its desired market. Our advice for cost conscious startup clients allows for the most important things to be targeted first and ensure that unnecessary legal costs are not incurred.

Our recent involvement within the Startup sector:


We provided commercial advice to Airtime Rewards
We provided both commercial and dispute resolution advice to Lanor Productions
We provided commercial and corporate advice to We Are Gntlmen
We provided commercial advice to I Want a Standing Desk
We provided corporate advice to Pure Wild Spirits
We provided corporate advice to Black Label Grooming
Daniel Rodgerson is a mentor at the Manchester hatchery at Entrepreneurial Spark

Client testimonials within the Startup sector:

“Any start-up business knows how stretched ‘resources’ are and its often difficult to come across people in the larger business and corporate community who genuinely want to understand and help your business. These people are themselves often time-scare managing multiple significant deadlines, people and questioning why on earth they would then want to help a startup whose prospects of ever ‘getting off the ground’ being very slim.

Daniel Rodgerson is one of those exceptional people in Manchester’s business community who goes to great lengths to understand and help. Daniel has not only given his time to myself to help strengthen our legals, make valuable introductions to trustworthy and helpful connections, but has also introduced and facilitated meetings between myself and investors for Cool Cold Brew. Ultimately, Daniel has been a fantastic sounding board. To highlight all of this, I know the founders of three other startup businesses very well who all say Daniel does exactly the same for them.”

Joseph Devereux-Kelly – Managing Director, Cool Cold Brew

“I approached Daniel at Freeman Fisher as my business was in the process of raising investment. As this was a new experience for me, I needed assistance in ensuring that any deal that was done, was done properly. Daniel found the time and dedicated resource to helping me understand this better. The deal ultimately fell through, but Daniel has remained engaged, willing to help and proactive in finding other investors and has introduced me to countless people who can also help along this journey. This type of approach is so refreshing and I’m sure many startup and small businesses, like mine, will benefit from having Daniel on their side”

Matt Bird – Founder & CEO, We Are Gntlmen

“As an early startup business choosing the right legal firm was a difficult decision, however my initial conversations with Freeman Fisher made this decision remarkably easy. The advice I have received from Daniel Rodgerson has been of exceptional quality. Their professional and friendly approach made me feel at ease from the very beginning. Working with their team has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and I would highly recommend their service to all businesses!”

Sham Mahmood – Perfect Planner

“Just a brilliant service from start to finish – unpretentious and highly effective. Dan is a pleasure to deal with and always presents advice in a clear and commercial manner. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Freeman Fisher.”

Greg Tomaszewicz, Director, Lanor Productions

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